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It all started with a dream of my husband.... "...your home, burning fireplace, a rocking chair, I'm in it with a pipe in his mouth and marble dog under my feet..." It turned out the opposite: first came the dog... then the second ... and then everything else. But we are very happy that dreams come true, our common dreams. Only thing missing is the rocking chair, but it is not necessary. Sbychi dreams! If we are able to help you with this - be happy!

Shestakova Natalya
Black/harlequin color
Dogs in base:
23 males
23 females


1 x Jr World Winner
6 x Int.CH
11 x Russian Club Winner
11 x Grand CH Russia
2 x Eurasia Champion
12 x Jr Russian Club Winner
16 x CH Russia
6 x CH Kazakhstan
2 x CH Belarus
1 x CH Kyrgyzstan
1 x CH Uzbekistan
2 x CH Lithuania
1 x Jr Baltic Winner
2 x Baltic Winner
17 x Jr CH Russia
1 x Jr CH Lithuania
44 x CH RKF

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